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Type "Photos" in the Windows Search bar and click the "Photos" app in the search results. If you want to convert multiple JPG files to PDF format at the same time, you must open the Photos app and select them from within the app itself. The Photos app will open. From here, locate the file that you want to convert from the image collection.

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PDF files were never meant to be edited in such an extensive way. You can try and do it using the Edit Text & Images tool, but you should expect a lot of issues in doing so. The real way of doing it is to go back to the original file format used to create the PDF file, edit it and then generate a new PDF file from it.

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Setting up an Out of Office autoreply from the Outlook mobile application. Launch the Outlook mobile app and tap on the upper left corner to view options. On the lower left corner, tap Settings. Select the Office 365 mail account. Tap Automatic replies. Click the slider to turn on Automatic replies. Tap on the check box beside Reply during a ...