Current location:which post office delivers mail to my address

which post office delivers mail to my address

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To convert a Microsoft Word Document to a PDF, open the document in Microsoft Word, then go to File > Save As and select PDF from the available formats. You can also use Google Drive or LibreOffice to convert a Word Document to a PDF. justplay1412/Shutterstock.com

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1 Get "Any PDF to JPG" from the Microsoft Store. To do this, press the Win key on your keyboard and open the Microsoft Store. Once the Store is open, enter Any PDF to JPG into the search bar at the top of your screen.

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Method 1 Using Microsoft Word Download Article 1 Right-click the PDF you want to open. If you're using a Mac and don't have a right mouse button, press Control as you click the file. This will open a context menu. 2 Select Open with. It's near the top of the menu. Another menu will expand. 3 Click Word or Microsoft Word on the menu.