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Step 1. On the web page you want save directly to Google Drive, click the menu button at the top-right side of your screen and select Print, or you can simply use the Ctrl + P shortcut to launch the print dialog page. Step 2. On the print dialog page, select the Destination drop-down button and select Save to Google Drive.

PDF Chapter 14 Interference and Diffraction - MITThis PDF document is a course note for chapter 14 of the MIT course on electromagnetics and applications. It covers the topics of interference and diffraction of electromagnetic waves, including Huygens' principle, Young's double slit experiment, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, and gratings. It also provides examples, exercises, and references for further study.PDF Matthew Schwartz Lecture 19: Diffraction and resolutionMultiple hole diffraction 3. which agrees with the vertical axes on the plots. So the more slits in the grating, the larger the central peak will be. The small bumps are due to the oscillation of the sin2 πN yd λL factor in the numerator. Indeed, the factor of N makes these oscillations have very high frequency.PDF Interference and difiraction - Scholars at HarvardINTERFERENCE AND DIFFRACTION 9.1 Two-slit interference Consider a plane wave moving toward a wall, and assume that the wavefronts are parallel to the wall, as shown in Fig.1. If you want, you can consider this plane wave to be generated plane wave wall Figure 1 by a point source that is located a very large distance to the left of the wall. Let ...PDF Diffraction of Light - NISTexamples of diffraction are those involving light; for example, the closely spaced tracks on a CD or DVD act as a diffraction grating to form the familiar rainbow pattern we see when looking at a disk. Diffraction in the atmosphere by small particles can cause a bright ring to be visible around a bright light source like the sun or the moon.17.1 Understanding Diffraction and Interference - OpenStaxDiffraction and Interference. We know that visible light is the type of electromagnetic wave to which our eyes responds. As we have seen previously, light obeys the equation. c = f λ, where c = 3.00 × 10 8 m/s is the speed of light in vacuum, f is the frequency of the electromagnetic wave in Hz (or s -1 ), and λ is its wavelength in m.